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How to Install magicJack Plus?

magicJack is a small USB device that is directly plugged into your router and provides Internet-based VOIP services. We can install magicJack using the computer as well as the router, in this blog we have discussed both methods.

Procedures for Installing magicJack Plus –

Method 1 – Computer

1. First of all, you have to insert the magicJack device into the USB port that is available on your computer.

2. Then pick up your telephone and connect your telephone to magicJack by using a phone cable. Within 4 minutes, your system will automatically detect magicJack and magicJack installation wizard will appear on the screen.

3. Next, you tap on the option labeled as “Click Here Now”. After that, you have to follow on-screen information to register your magicJack. At this moment, you have to create the login, accept the terms and conditions of magicJack as well as supply the information such as name and email address.

4. Now, wait for a few moments until magicJack send you an activation code. Enter that code using your telephone before you start using magicJack.

5. To activate service using the activation code, you have to follow instructions that are present in the registration email. Once you do that, you can make phone calls using your magicJack without any hassle.

Method 2 – Router

1. You have to insert the magicJack device into the USB port that is available on the device’s power adapter.

2. Then take an ethernet cable and then connect your magicJack to the router. Make sure you have plugged the ethernet cable into the “Internet” port.

3. Take a phone cable and connect your telephone to magicJack. Confirm that you have plugged the ethernet cable into “Phone” port.

4. In the next step, you have to connect the magicJack power adapter into the power source.

5. Now open any web browser and then navigate to magicJack registration website i.e., www.magicjack.com/register.html. Confirm that your magicJack and computer are connected to the same network.

6. Now follow on-screen prompts and register your magicJack. Also, supply your accurate personal information like name, address and contact information.

7. Wait for a couple of moments until magicJack send you an activation code via email following registration. Enter that code using your telephone and start using your magicJack.

8. Follow on-screen prompts and when everything gets complete you can make phone calls through your router using magicJack.

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