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How to register magicJack with and without a computer?

Many users often face difficulty while registering magicJack but you need not worry about anything as we are here discussing how to register magicJack with and without a computer. magicJack has helped people bypass the traditional phone service by providing them the opportunity t [...]

How to Use the magicJack Plus without a Computer?

How to Use the magicJack Plus without a Computer? magicJack is a small match-booked sized device that is plugged directly into router/computer and provide Internet-based telephone services. You can use magicJack with or without computer without any inconvenience. In this blog, we are discussing how [...]

How can I port my magicJack number to another provider?

If you are thinking about how to port magicJack number to another provider then don’t worry about that as you can easily perform this procedure without any hassle. But before that, you have to test the service so that you can easily make phone calls with magicJack. If you are unable to make ca [...]