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How to send a fax using magicJack?

magicJack is a small electronic device that uses VoIP technology through which we can make phone calls. In fact, magicJack is one of the best alternatives to a traditional phone line. Beside this, we can use magicJack as a backup line on which we can make outgoing [...]

How to troubleshoot magicJack issues faced with the Mobile Phone?

magicJack is a small device that basically re-routes all landline calls via the internet through Voice over IP (VoIP) network. One of the benefits of magicJack is that it is a small portable device that you can carry anywhere. However, you will need a laptop/PC with a broadband internet connection. [...]

How to repair and maintain your magicJack system?

magicJack is a highly advanced communication gadget that helps to the large extent to make human life more convenient as well as easier on various terms. To enjoy unlimited communication with distant dears, magicJack is the perfect device. Although it is extremely easy to install magicJack [...]

How to register magicJack with and without a computer?

Many users often face difficulty while registering magicJack but you need not worry about anything as we are here discussing how to register magicJack with and without a computer. magicJack has helped people bypass the traditional phone service by providing them the opportunity t [...]