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How to fix “Echo” issues while calling through magicJack?

The problem of hearing echo sounds mainly occur when people use magicJack with the computer system or the ports on modem and router. Sometimes, different kinds of sounds are also heard while making calls on magicJack. So, whenever you face “echo” issues while calling through magicJack, [...]

How to fix sound problem with magicJack?

  magicJack is a USB device through which we can make phone calls for a reduced cost as compared to traditional phone service. magicJack device is directly plugged into your computer. It also has a phone cord outlet through which you can make phone calls using your regular home phone. We can u [...]

How to fix magicJack error 401?

There are various reasons behind magicJack error 401, such as internet connection, program compatibility, updating issues. Whenever you face magicJack error 401 then, first of all, you should connect your magicJack to another USB port. If after plugging magicJack into another USB port, if it works f [...]